Foam Converting

Foam Converting is the process of shaping and cutting foam to size and requirements, by a combination of cutting, profiling, Knifing, Turning, Laminating and Coating. From the base concept of taking sheets or rolls of foam, conversion can make and produce a tailor made foam to your requirements in terms of size and shape.

We are a full experienced foam conversion company with a large amount of experience in this area, and can tailor and create your product directly to your requirements and purposes.

Below are a few pictures of what our foam can convert into.

Conversion Processes

  • Splitting – creating sheets of foam from large blocks
  • Band-knifing – cutting into squares or rectangles using a very sharp blade
  • Die Cutting – cutting into 2-D shapes using a die stamp (similar to a pastry cutter)
  • Log Cutting – create coils from a Jumbo roll of foam
  • Routing – 3D CNC cutting of closed cell Polyethylene foam to create cut outs at various depths in the foam.
  • Contour Cutting – create 3-D shapes from a block of Polyurethane Foam
  • Egg Box Profiling
  • Angle Knifing
  • Kiss Cutting – creating 2D shapes with a self adhesive backing, where the product is left on the release paper for easy removal.
  • Lamination – applying self adhesive backings, foils, brushed nylon, PVC or other substrates
  • Spray coating with a fine mist of PVC to create a barrier coat to seal holes in open cell grades
  • Flash Cutting – CNC cutting which can create small volume runs without the need for tooling and creates parts with parallel edges (die cutting creates concave edges)
  • Waterjet Cutting – using a high power jet of water to cut the foam
  • Turning and Boring – we can create rollers up to 400mm long in PU foams
  • Sewing